Who We Are

20 years+ in startup – 5 years in blockchain – 4 hackathon victories.

COVID-19 killed two of our startups. Looking at the bright side of things, we’re starting a new one and now it’s even bigger!

Our Mission

To be the Visa/Mastercard for cryptocurrency.

We aim to be the equivalent of Visa or Mastercard for cryptocurrencies of the world.

Our Vision

To boldly go where no credit cards have gone before.

We strive to support 3 stablecoins and 10 cryptocurrencies in our first year of full operation.

How We Plan To Do This


Make Credit Cards Better

We are empowered to offer better deals and rates than traditional credit cards.


Make Crypto Simple

We strive to reduce the friction between ordinary card users and blockchain technology.


Make It Safe & Secure

No cryptos are locked, no private keys are stored. We fight to protect our liquidity providers and cardholders like you.