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The Basics

No, it's not. Unlike the typical crypto rewards cards you see online, we're offering actual credit cards that let you spend in cryptocurrencies.
We aim to support stablecoins and many cryptocurrencies that partner with us. We're always in talks with blockchain players to include their cryptos on our credit card platform.
At the moment, one crypto credit card only supports one cryptocurrency. If you wish to use multiple cryptos, you can apply for different cards where each support a different cryptocurrency. Each card will use a different wallet address. In the near future, we aim to allow multiple cards (many currencies) under one card (wallet).
Our aim is to empower you to use crypto credit card issued by us at our online and offline merchants that support our cards with specific cryptocurrencies. For example, you may use your Ethereum credit card at an NFT marketplace that supports ETH currency and our Ethereum cards. Currently, you may use your crypto card at our online store. We strive to acquire more merchants.
Most other cryptocurrency lending platforms require collateral from you and most times the collateral value must exceed the amount you are borrowing. This is dubbed overcollaterization. We, however, offer credit lines to you without any collateral so that you can conveniently pay with cryptos at websites such crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, blockchain games and any other online or offline merchants that support our credit cards.
Crypto.com Visa card is a prepaid card meaning you need to top-up (or recharge) your card with cryptos or fiat currencies in order to use them. It's also not a debit card because a debit card does not need to top-up. Our convenient crypto credit card does not need any top-ups. You can use our credit card immediately to spend as long as you have not exceeded your credit limit (measured in crypto).
Credit cards offered by banks are not actual crypto cards because they don't allow you to transact in cryptos. They only offer you rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. Our credit cards allow you to spend in cryptos. But you don't have to pay for gas each time you transact. We only record your transaction via your wallet signature.
Our interest rate is lower than banks and we allow cryptocurrency transaction without gas.
Sorry, you're supposed to use your existing wallet as your crypto card. We do not issue any physical card at this moment.
No. Credit card is only bad if user abuses it. In fact, credit card is a great financial tool if you use it wisely, especially during an economic downturn where it acts as a financial backup. It is also useful for important spendings such as for medical treatment, automobile repairs, tuition and even groceries. Startup founders often use credit cards as their first source of funds when they begin their startups. Every techology is a double-edged sword - including blockchain and AI. We only aim to sharpen the good edge.
No. We do not act as a custodian of your digital assets. You're also not required to store your cryptocurrency with us. You're only required to pay your credit card bills by sending crypto from your wallet to our designated payment wallet.
No. We do not need your wallet's private key to operate. In fact, you should not reveal your private key to anyone except yourself and keep it in safe storage, preferably offline storage such as paper.

Free Credits, Interest Rates, Fees and Credit Limit

The free credits are like free money on your card for you to spend. Let's say you're given USDT100 free credits on your card with a USDT1,000 credit limit. This means you can transact up to USDT1,100 in total spending. If you did spend up to USDT1,100, you only need to pay USDT1,000 when you settle your bill. You don't have to pay us back the USDT100. By the way, you cannot withdraw these free credits though.
Our crypto credit cards have interest rates ranging from 3% to 19% APR. We do offer 0% interest rate usually for the first year of owning our card. The better your credit rating is, the lower is your interest rate. We strive to always offer rates that are below those offered by your traditional credit card providers.
The credit line offered depends on the credit score of an individual. Although the credit limit is measured in the specific cryptocurrency, its value is calculated in USD. For example, you may have a credit limit of 0.13 BTC which is equivalent to USD5,000. We strive to offer the typical credit limits offered by traditional credit cards or better.
No, there's no gas fee each time you transact. Because each transaction only requires you to sign a message using your crypto wallet (such as MetaMask).
No, we do not charge annual fees for all our crypto cards.
There's a late payment fee if you're late in paying your balance. It is a flat fee and calculated in crypto. For example, if you own a USDT credit card, your late fee will be in USDT.

Application Procedures

Absolutely. If you don't have a credit score, we may need more information from you but we do not like to reject people. If there's a will, there's a way.
No. Your credit rating will not be affected whatsoever, even if you get rejected.
No, we do not need any collateral from you when we issue crypto credit cards to you.
Yes, certainly. We do not restrict those who already owned traditional credit cards.
You only need to sign-up on our website for free and submit your card application online form. Once submitted, we shall perform a credit check on behalf of you. If satisfactory, we shall send you a notification via email to offer you a card with the credit line and interest rate stipulated. You may then accept or reject our card offer. It's that simple!
Usually, you only need to provide us with your basic information - contact, address, annual income, credit report, etc. But we also require your ID number such as your social security number or national ID. But in some countries, we need other documents such as bank statement, tax document and more.

Bills and Payments

Just like traditional credit cards, we shall send you an email notifying you about your monthly credit card statement. You may view the statement from our website. From the document, you'll know your transaction, balance, minimum payment amount, payment due date and more.
You pay your cryptocurrency credit card bill like how you pay your standard card bill, except that you pay in the cryptocurency that you spent on. For example, if you own a Bitcoin crypto card, you should pay using BTC on our website. You shall be given a crypto wallet to send the payment to. Please view this step-by-step video tutorial on how to pay.
You should pay your minimum balance or outstanding balance in the cryptocurrency that your credit card transacts in. For example, if you have a Bitcoin crypto credit card from us, you should pay your bills with BTC.
You will receive your credit card bills every month right after the end of your billing cycle. We will notify you via email when your bill is ready and you may log in to your account on our site to view your statement.
If you failed to pay the minimum amount of your outstanding balance after getting a few reminders from us, we will have no option but to stop the usage of your crypto credit card. However, it is still your legal responsibility to pay your minimum amount and outstanding balance. If you have any concerns regarding paying your bills, please contact us.

Merchants FAQs

We only charge 0% (yes, zero) from each amount transacted as processing fee. There's no additional fee on top of this. For each payout, there's a USD9 fee (calculated in the cryptocurrency that you are withdrawing) to cover administration cost and gas fee.
You can request a payout as often as you wish but each comes with fees to cover our administration cost and gas fee.
It typically takes within 24 hours for us to process each payout request during weekdays and within 48 hours on weekends.
No, no one has to pay for gas fee in each transaction because your customers only need to sign using their wallets. However, your customers have to pay for a one-time gas fee when they are settling their credit card bills at the end of each month.
Each transaction is instant because there's no actual transaction happening on the blockchain. Each transaction is recorded with your customer's wallet signature.
We aim to support stablecoins and many cryptocurrencies that partner with us. We're always in talks with blockchain players to include their cryptos on our credit card platform.
At the moment, you can only support one crypto for payments at once. We aim to allow multiple cryptos in the future.
We accept all kinds of legitimate businesses across the world. This includes blockchain and non-blockchain related businesses such as metaverses, crypto exchanges, Web3 protocols, NFT marketplaces, DeFi and GameFi projects, as well as e-commerce sites, online marketplaces, online games and more.