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Apply Online in Under a Minute

It only takes under 60 seconds to apply and we only need a little information from you. This will never hurt your credit score, whatsoever.


Instant Approval*

You get a yes or no answer right after you pressed the submit button. Sometimes, we may need more information but mostly we don’t.


No Waiting For Card Delivery

Your cryptocurrency wallet is your credit card. So, you can start using your crypto credit card immediately. There’s no waiting for your physical card to arrive at your doorstep.

CryptCard FAQs

No, it's not. Unlike the typical crypto rewards cards you see online, we're offering actual credit cards that let you spend in cryptocurrencies.
We aim to support stablecoins and many cryptocurrencies that partner with us. We're always in talks with blockchain players to include their cryptos on our credit card platform.
At the moment, one crypto credit card only supports one cryptocurrency. If you wish to use multiple cryptos, you can apply for different cards where each support a different cryptocurrency. Each card will use a different wallet address. In the near future, we aim to allow multiple cards (many currencies) under one card (wallet).
Our interest rates usually depend on the applicant's credit scores and annual income. But our rates are always below those offered by your traditional credit card providers.
The credit limit depends on the individual's credit score and annual income.
No, we do not need any collateral from you when we issue crypto credit cards to you.
Usually, you only need to provide us with your basic information - contact, address, annual income, etc. But we also require your ID number such as your social security number or national ID.
You pay your cryptocurrency credit card bill like how you pay your standard card bill, except that you pay in the cryptocurency that you spent on. For example, if you own a Bitcoin crypto card, you should pay using BTC on our website. You shall be given a crypto wallet to send the payment to.

* applies to residents in specific countries.