Spare your users from gas fees

Our crypto credit cards empower your customers to use your service by just signing with their wallets.

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Pain of crypto swapping

Enable your users to spend now and pay later

Our cryptocurrency credit cards allow your customers to pay with credit in cryptocurrency.

Get zero processing fee

We take 0% from each transaction made via our crypto credit cards. That means we take no cut from you.

Receive payments in your preferred cryptocurrency

Our credit cards transact directly in specific cryptocurrencies. Your choice of crypto may already be supported.*

Let Your Customers Spend Anonymously

Thanks to blockchain, each transaction via our credit card maintains its anonymity.

Simple API To Integrate

Use our plugins to connect to our payment gateway. It’s as easy as integrating with other online payment systems.


We only charge 0% from each amount transacted as processing fee. For each payout, there's a USD9 fee (calculated in the cryptocurrency that you are withdrawing) to cover administration cost and gas fee.
You can request a payout as often as you wish but each comes with fees to cover our administration cost and gas fee.
It takes less than 3 working days for us to process each payout request.
No, no one has to pay for gas fee in each transaction because your customers only need to sign using their wallets. However, your customers have to pay for a one-time gas fee when they are settling their credit card bills at the end of each month.
Each transaction is instant because there's no actual transaction happening on the blockchain. Each transaction is recorded with your customer's wallet signature.
We aim to support stablecoins and many cryptocurrencies that partner with us. We're always in talks with blockchain players to include their cryptos on our credit card platform.
At the moment, you can only support one crypto for payments at once. We aim to allow multiple cryptos in the future.
We accept all kinds of legitimate businesses across the world. This includes non-blockchain related businesses like online shopping, online services, online games but also crypto exchanges, NFT marketplace, blockchain games and more.

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It only takes less than 5 working days to set up your merchant account.

    * We’re perpetually reaching out to numerous cryptocurrency issuers to launch credit cards for their cryptos. Please check with us on the cryptos we are already supporting.