Best Places to Buy USDT (Tether)

There’re many articles and guides on where you can purchase the stablecoin USDT aka Tether. Here, we’d like to offer our recommendations on where you should obtain some USDT.

Buy From Exchanges You Are Already Using

The reasoning for this is rather simple. It can take quite a while to get on board a new cryptocurrency exchange due to KYC procedures and the complexity of some platforms. So, if your regular CEX already offers USDT, go ahead and use it. Their fee may be different but as long as you’re not buying a significant amount, the cost should be nominal. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Don’t Buy, Just Swap With Your Crypto

Swapping is the easiest and fastest way to get USDT in your wallet if you have some other crypto. But with all the myriads of DEX and crypto swappers, which one should you choose? The obvious answer is the cheapest one or one you’ve been comfortably using. If you’re going for the best price, check out the price-by-price comparison of sites to convert BTC or ETH to USDT.

Buy From Coinbase If You’re In the U.S., Binance If You’re Overseas

We’ve tried numerous crypto exchanges and we’ve compared their prices, crypto diversity and user-friendliness. We must say Coinbase and Binance are the two best exchanges in the world. Coinbase is easy to use and trusted by U.S. regulators. They also offer multiple ways to purchase crypto. Binance rates are often the most competitive of all in multiple areas – from trading to swapping, to withdrawing your crypto or fiat. They also support a long list of tokens and offer various payment methods to buy and withdraw.

Try Credit/Debit Card to Crypto Providers

Companies like MoonPay may not offer the best rates but boy are they super convenient to use. The caveat is, they’d need to do some KYC process on you when you pay but it’s only a one-time pain.


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with nor have any business partnerships with any organizations mentioned above.