Proven Way to Cook Instant Noodles Without Hot Water – Fight Inflation

Cook Instant Noodles Without Hot Water

As the world is gripped by global inflation and higher living cost, here we bring you a cost-saving tip to help you fend off high energy bills.

Most recognize that instant noodles are one of the most affordable meals we could have. It was invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando who founded Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. in Japan. Also known as ramen noodles, some people often turn to it when there’s a need to save money or when there’s a lack of it.

But some can’t live without it as it is most often consumed by countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam (ranked first to third respectively), and even the United States (ranked 6th).

However, you might be thinking twice about indulging in this cheap meal because of the high gas or electricity cost to boil a bowl of hot water. Please don’t let that stop you because we’re here to show you how you could cook a bowl of instant noodles without needing hot water at all.

It’s common science that you need hot water to soften the hard noodles, but high-temperature water is only required as a means to expedite the whole cooking process. Which is approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

But if you think harder over this, you could figure out that the noodles only need water to eventually get soft enough. Just like when you leave a bowl of cooked noodles on the table, the noodles will swell up.

So, I guess you’ve figured it out already. Yes! You just need to soak your noodles in water for a longer time to soften them enough to make them edible. Lukewarm water is good enough.

But how long must you soak them? Watch the video below to find out the typical waiting time you need to endure for your instant noodles to “cook”. It’s not too long to make your stomach growl.

So, if you’re looking toward instant noodles to save money, using cold water can help you save more. Nonetheless, please consume moderately to ensure you’re not endangering your health while you save.

that could in fact help you save more cost, If high gas or electricity price is stopping you from boiling a bowl of water to indulge in this cheap meal that could in fact help you save more cost, we’re here to show you how you could cook a bowl of instant noodles without even using hot water.


This article is part of a series of guides to help you save money to overcome high living costs due to inflation.