USDT Credit Card With USDT100 Free Credits to Spend

Use it to transact in USDT without gas fees and with 0% interest rate for a year

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Important Rates and Terms
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How It Works


Apply Online in a Few Minutes

It only takes 90 seconds to apply and we only need a little information from you. This will never hurt your credit score, whatsoever.


Get an Approval in 24 Hours

Get a “yes” or “no” answer within 24 hours. Sometimes, we may need more information but mostly we don’t.


No Waiting For Card Delivery

Your MetaMask wallet is your credit card. There’s no waiting for your physical card to arrive at your doorstep.


No, it's not. Unlike the typical crypto rewards cards, we're offering actual credit cards that let you transact in cryptocurrencies.
The USDT100 free credits are like free money on your card for you to spend. Let's say you're given a USDT1,000 credit limit. This means you can transact up to USDT1,100 in total spending. If you did spend up to USDT1,100, you only need to pay USDT1,000 when you settle your bill. You don't have to pay us back the USDT100. By the way, you cannot withdraw these free credits though.
Our interest rates start from 3%. Our rates depend on your credit score and annual income. But our rates are always below those offered by your traditional credit card providers. When your crypto credit card is approved, you will be offered an interest rate and a credit limit. You may choose to accept or reject the offer, as you wish.
The credit limit depends on the individual's credit score, annual income and the number of merchants we have.
We offer a bridge that connects you to Visa and Mastercard networks. This means you can spend at virtually any merchant in the U.S.
You only need to provide your basic information such as contact, address, annual income and social security number.
No. We only need your credit report/history or credit score to ensure that you are creditworthy. The more creditworthy you are, the lower is your interest rate.
You pay your cryptocurrency credit card bill like how you pay your standard credit card bill, except that you pay in USDT. You shall be given a crypto wallet address to send the payment to.
At the moment, this USDT credit card only supports one cryptocurrency which is USDT stablecoin. In the near future, we shall enable multiple cryptos under one card.
It is completely non-custodial. This means we do not store your crypto nor your private key. Your wallet belongs to you only.
You can use your crypto card at our online store. We're continuously striving to add more merchants. You may also use it at any Visa or Mastercard merchant via our bridge.

Disclaimer: This USDT credit card is not affiliated with Tether Operations Limited or with the brand Tether. This card is solely using USDT stablecoin as the payment currency. Icons by Icons8.