Proven Cost Cutting Tips to Fight Inflation

With inflation rates soaring high across most countries, it is paramount that we take measures in our hands and cut back on a lot of expenses that take money out of our wallets. Let’s walk through these effective tips to help you save money during this inflation period. Reduced Mobile Data Plans Having post-paid data […]

Proven Way to Cook Instant Noodles Without Hot Water – Fight Inflation

As the world is gripped by global inflation and higher living cost, here we bring you a cost-saving tip to help you fend off high energy bills. Most recognize that instant noodles are one of the most affordable meals we could have. It was invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando who founded Nissin Food Products […]

Play Music on YouTube Without Ads For Free – Fight Inflation

A guide to saving costs by playing music on YouTube without ads and without premium plan We often turn to YouTube app on our TV for easy access to our favorite songs, especially when there’s a constant need to use our smartphones. But we get irritated by its frequent intrusive ads. One quick solution is […]