Price-By-Price Comparison of Converting BTC or ETH to USDT

We took the liberty to do something that you might do when wanting to exchange fiat for fiat – do a price-by-price comparison. Here we offer a direct price comparison between different rates from different sites for converting Bitcoin or Ethereum to USDT. This is what we did. At about the same time, we went […]

Best Places to Buy USDT (Tether)

There’re many articles and guides on where you can purchase the stablecoin USDT aka Tether. Here, we’d like to offer our recommendations on where you should obtain some USDT. Buy From Exchanges You Are Already Using The reasoning for this is rather simple. It can take quite a while to get on board a new […]

Why Crypto Credit Cards are 4 Times More Secure Than Standard Credit Cards

Cryptocurrency credit cards could prevent payment and identify fraud at once There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency has taken the financial world by surprise. And as a result, we have started to witness the emergence of innovative financial products such as crypto credit cards, which enable users to spend their virtual currency in the real world. […]

How Cryptocurrency Credit Card Actually Works

Let’s debunk what crypto credit cards actually are and how they work In spite of popular belief, the so-called crypto credit cards that you get from traditional banks are not true cryptocurrency cards because they don’t allow you to spend in crypto. You actually transact in fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR or JYP. […]

Proven Cost Cutting Tips to Fight Inflation

With inflation rates soaring high across most countries, it is paramount that we take measures in our hands and cut back on a lot of expenses that take money out of our wallets. Let’s walk through these effective tips to help you save money during this inflation period. Reduced Mobile Data Plans Having post-paid data […]

Proven Way to Cook Instant Noodles Without Hot Water – Fight Inflation

As the world is gripped by global inflation and higher living cost, here we bring you a cost-saving tip to help you fend off high energy bills. Most recognize that instant noodles are one of the most affordable meals we could have. It was invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando who founded Nissin Food Products […]

Play Music on YouTube Without Ads For Free – Fight Inflation

A guide to saving costs by playing music on YouTube without ads and without premium plan We often turn to YouTube app on our TV for easy access to our favorite songs, especially when there’s a constant need to use our smartphones. But we get irritated by its frequent intrusive ads. One quick solution is […]

How to Use Free Credits on Your Crypto Credit Card

Think of free credits on your card as free money for you to spend. It’s the reward that we extend to our new cardholders as a token of appreciation for signing up. You could use the free credits to spend like cash at our merchants’ stores or our online shop. These complimentary credits also assist […]

How to Move Your Ethereum Project to Other EVM

The notion that we are tolerating Ethereum’s exorbitant gas fees because this second most popular blockchain in the world is more decentralized is baseless. If so, why centralized projects like OpenSea, Binance, Coinbase,, etc still rule. As the world argues about whether the future is going to be centralized or decentralized or both, what […]

The Many Use Cases  of NFT— Current and Future

An updating topic focusing on NFT use cases as Web3 technology evolves. The blockchain and cryptocurrency sector (aka Web3) is perpetually evolving. We’re seeing new projects and dapps being released on a daily basis, let alone the various Web3 hackathons happening every quarter by blockchain networks. I reckon that’s one of the main reasons why […]