Why Crypto Hodlers Should Stop Thinking Crypto As Digital Asset

Many people who invest in cryptocurrency do so with the mindset that they are buying digital assets. While it’s true that cryptocurrencies are digital assets, they are so much more than that. At their core, cryptocurrencies are currencies. They are a medium of exchange that can be used to purchase goods and services. One of […]

The Many Use Cases  of NFT— Current and Future

An updating topic focusing on NFT use cases as Web3 technology evolves. The blockchain and cryptocurrency sector (aka Web3) is perpetually evolving. We’re seeing new projects and dapps being released on a daily basis, let alone the various Web3 hackathons happening every quarter by blockchain networks. I reckon that’s one of the main reasons why […]


How to Use Dutch Auction on OpenSea – Ultimate Guide

Going Dutch doesn’t mean you have to be cheap with your NFT. Let’s understand what is a Dutch auction and how it could benefit you when selling your NFTs. OpenSea offers two types of timed auctions when selling your NFTs. Sell to highest bidder – Accept many bids and the highest bidder wins. Also called […]