Why Crypto Hodlers Should Stop Thinking Crypto As Digital Asset

Many people who invest in cryptocurrency do so with the mindset that they are buying digital assets. While it’s true that cryptocurrencies are digital assets, they are so much more than that. At their core, cryptocurrencies are currencies. They are a medium of exchange that can be used to purchase goods and services. One of […]

How to Move Your Ethereum Project to Other EVM

The notion that we are tolerating Ethereum’s exorbitant gas fees because this second most popular blockchain in the world is more decentralized is baseless. If so, why centralized projects like OpenSea, Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com, etc still rule. As the world argues about whether the future is going to be centralized or decentralized or both, what […]

The Many Use Cases  of NFT— Current and Future

An updating topic focusing on NFT use cases as Web3 technology evolves. The blockchain and cryptocurrency sector (aka Web3) is perpetually evolving. We’re seeing new projects and dapps being released on a daily basis, let alone the various Web3 hackathons happening every quarter by blockchain networks. I reckon that’s one of the main reasons why […]

Similarities Between Central Bank and DeFi in Interest Rates, Quantitative Easing and Inflation

DeFi and traditional finance aren’t that different after all. It was during the 2008/9 Great Recession that marked the birth of cryptocurrency where Bitcoin raised from the ashes and eventually path the road to decentralized finance – what we call DeFi today. The famous Genesis Block in Bitcoin blockchain contains this very phrase – “The […]

Here’s Why OpenSea Uses WETH in Auctions And Not ETH

A simple example to feel the power of wrapped tokens. OpenSea’s support center actually doesn’t have this answered so we are taking the liberty to discuss it. First, Let’s Truly Understand Why We Need WETH Let’s not repeat what others have been echoing online what WETH is but lets try to fill in the blanks on […]

The Many Use Cases of Wrapped Tokens Like WBTC and WETH

Learn by example why wrapped tokens were invented. WBTC, WETH and many other wrapped tokens are intriguing, to say the least. If you have been reading about it online, you’d probably get the idea of what they are and why we need them.  Here’s a quick recap. “Wrapped tokens are used to bridge between different […]