Why Crypto Credit Cards are 4 Times More Secure Than Standard Credit Cards

Cryptocurrency credit cards could prevent payment and identify fraud at once There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency has taken the financial world by surprise. And as a result, we have started to witness the emergence of innovative financial products such as crypto credit cards, which enable users to spend their virtual currency in the real world. […]

How Cryptocurrency Credit Card Actually Works

Let’s debunk what crypto credit cards actually are and how they work In spite of popular belief, the so-called crypto credit cards that you get from traditional banks are not true cryptocurrency cards because they don’t allow you to spend in crypto. You actually transact in fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR or JYP. […]

How to Use Free Credits on Your Crypto Credit Card

Think of free credits on your card as free money for you to spend. It’s the reward that we extend to our new cardholders as a token of appreciation for signing up. You could use the free credits to spend like cash at our merchants’ stores or our online shop. These complimentary credits also assist […]

CryptCard Wins Double Hackathon in Three Months

We are excited to announce that CryptCard has won another prize in a Web3 hackathon. This time, it’s a second prize in the Web3athon hackathon under the Circle (USDC) category. CryptCard’s project was entitled “The Real Cryptocurrency Credit Card.” The hackathon featured over 200 participants worldwide with 32 winners and 15 standouts in different categories. […]

How CryptCard Prevents Hacking

Reports of cryptocurrency platforms getting hacked are becoming far too regular. This is surprising since blockchain-based digital currency and decentralized applications (dapps) are often considered safe and secure. As a result, more people are hesitant to jump into the Web3 bandwagon due to infamous acronym – FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). Although Web3 technology isn’t perfect, […]

CryptCard Wins 2nd Place in Polkadot Hackathon – North America Edition

After barely a month into our operation, CryptCard won the second prize in the 2022 North American edition of the Polkadot hackathon, under the DeFi category. CryptCard’s submission was entitled “Acala aUSD Credit Card” and it won a prize of USD15,000 for its effort. The global online event lasted from May 30 to July 13 and […]

How to Move Your Ethereum Project to Other EVM

The notion that we are tolerating Ethereum’s exorbitant gas fees because this second most popular blockchain in the world is more decentralized is baseless. If so, why centralized projects like OpenSea, Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com, etc still rule. As the world argues about whether the future is going to be centralized or decentralized or both, what […]