Price-By-Price Comparison of Converting BTC or ETH to USDT

We took the liberty to do something that you might do when wanting to exchange fiat for fiat – do a price-by-price comparison. Here we offer a direct price comparison between different rates from different sites for converting Bitcoin or Ethereum to USDT. This is what we did. At about the same time, we went […]

Best Places to Buy USDT (Tether)

There’re many articles and guides on where you can purchase the stablecoin USDT aka Tether. Here, we’d like to offer our recommendations on where you should obtain some USDT. Buy From Exchanges You Are Already Using The reasoning for this is rather simple. It can take quite a while to get on board a new […]

How Cryptocurrency Credit Card Actually Works

Let’s debunk what crypto credit cards actually are and how they work In spite of popular belief, the so-called crypto credit cards that you get from traditional banks are not true cryptocurrency cards because they don’t allow you to spend in crypto. You actually transact in fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR or JYP. […]

CryptCard Wins 2nd Place in Polkadot Hackathon – North America Edition

After barely a month into our operation, CryptCard won the second prize in the 2022 North American edition of the Polkadot hackathon, under the DeFi category. CryptCard’s submission was entitled “Acala aUSD Credit Card” and it won a prize of USD15,000 for its effort. The global online event lasted from May 30 to July 13 and […]

Similarities Between Central Bank and DeFi in Interest Rates, Quantitative Easing and Inflation

DeFi and traditional finance aren’t that different after all. It was during the 2008/9 Great Recession that marked the birth of cryptocurrency where Bitcoin raised from the ashes and eventually path the road to decentralized finance – what we call DeFi today. The famous Genesis Block in Bitcoin blockchain contains this very phrase – “The […]

Uncollateralization vs. Overcollateralization in DeFi – The Difference is Striking

Learn the different options of loans in the DeFi ecosystem It goes without saying that there are many types of loans by lending protocols in DeFi and the current dominant version is over-collateralized loans. However, uncollateralized lending is beginning to appear where lending protocols are offering loans without asking for collateral deposit from you. Now, […]