How to Use Dutch Auction on OpenSea – Ultimate Guide

Going Dutch doesn’t mean you have to be cheap with your NFT. Let’s understand what is a Dutch auction and how it could benefit you when selling your NFTs. OpenSea offers two types of timed auctions when selling your NFTs. Sell to highest bidder – Accept many bids and the highest bidder wins. Also called […]

Here’s Why OpenSea Uses WETH in Auctions And Not ETH

A simple example to feel the power of wrapped tokens. OpenSea’s support center actually doesn’t have this answered so we are taking the liberty to discuss it. First, Let’s Truly Understand Why We Need WETH Let’s not repeat what others have been echoing online what WETH is but lets try to fill in the blanks on […]

The Many Use Cases of Wrapped Tokens Like WBTC and WETH

Learn by example why wrapped tokens were invented. WBTC, WETH and many other wrapped tokens are intriguing, to say the least. If you have been reading about it online, you’d probably get the idea of what they are and why we need them.  Here’s a quick recap. “Wrapped tokens are used to bridge between different […]